My name's Megha, i'm 19, and i've been drawing since forever. I started this blog to contribute to my fandoms by drawing fanart, but now I have let art become my outlet for emotions in life and now this blog is just all-over-the-place me. If you're here, you've probably traced me from my deviantart, otherwise you're a rare yet lucky stray! :D

I decided to share my stuff just recently, and thus this tumblr circa Jan 2012. If you stick around, you'll find that I'm a korra-addict, bookworm, environmental activist, disney fanatic, hardcore feminist, and that I love changing my theme. I'm SUPER nerdy, so on my tumblr you'll find stuff about my hidden alter-ego, the side of me that loves cartoons and the most randomest and littlest things to fangirl about....yeah i hope you don't find me creepy and run away. If miraculously you dont, click the follow button?

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what is art,
but a way of seeing?


"Of Aang’s three children, Bumi was the one who most encapsulated his father’s penguin-sledding spirit."

- Bumi’s Bio on The Official Nickelodeon Website.

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Erin Trieb

Meet the Kurdish Women Fighting ISIS in Syria

Photo essay

Syria/US (2014)


According to an article in the Wall Street Journal:

“The jihadists don’t like fighting women, because if they’re killed by a female, they think they won’t go to heaven,” said one female [Kurdish] fighter.

Unfortunately, the truth of this is doubtful. But that shouldn’t diminish the fact that 7,000 volunteers have joined the Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ) to resist ISIS.

On the other hand, PKK, the Turkey-based, pro-Kurdish group they’re affiliated with is classified as a terrorist group by the US State Department. 

Girl power is very ethically complicated.

me praying to god


please give me good health and give me the motivation to do well in school this semester and please lord let mako teach korra to bend lightning in book 4 amen






by Chiara Bautista

We are absolutely in love!


wow! it’s perfect

I really kind of love these a lot. Like, a LOT.

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So we have an Italian exchange student at our school. And he and I were hanging out and he saw a pony, and he tried to show me but he didn’t know what it was called so he just pointed at it and said “Look, the compressed horse.” 

And then he just grinned at his complete understanding of the English language.  


World Muslimah 2013, Miss Nigeria Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola Is Crowned 

A Nigerian woman has been crowned Miss World Muslimah 2013.

Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola was awarded the accolade at the third annual event in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"We’re just trying to show the world that Islam is beautiful," the 21-year-old told Agence France-Press on Wednesday.

"It was not really about competition," she added.

Ajibola, who wept and dropped to her knees while reciting verses from the Quran, was awarded with prize money of £1,365 and trips to Mecca and India.

The annual pageant, held exclusively for Muslim women, assesses not only the appearance of contestants, but also their piety and religious knowledge.

The contest saw participants from 20 countries take part, including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei and Iran.

A single U.S finalist - Ainee Fatima from Chicago - withdrew from the competition on 13 September, citing her father’s ill health.

The pageant was held ahead the upcoming Miss World competition, which has drawn protests from hardline Indonesian Muslim groups.

It final had been due to be held in a venue near Jakarta, but will now take place in Bali. 

I think people care for you so much because you care for others so much. You shine something so beautiful. No amount of complete sorrow or years borrowed could dull it. You'll exist forever, you'll shine brighter than you feel and because of that spark you'll learn how to deal with nights that crash down and you'll learn to help those who don't know how to shine like you. And even though you may find it hard to believe, right now, your soul is shimmering.